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A subject guide for people conducting or planning to conduct research on topics related to Aboriginal child care and policy.


A guide for people conducting research on topics related to Aboriginal early childhood education, care and policy.

Use this guide to:

  • Connect with community resources
  • Find practical, online research & information
  • Discover materials in the Resource Centre collection

Bibliographies can provide a wealth of further research materials and possible research trajectories.  Remember also that people are "resources" for research and are often happy to share knowledge and contacts.  Our Research and Policy staff is also happy to do the same.

We appreciate your sharing important works by contacting us with any relevant documentation so that we may share them in turn.

Search the Resource Centre Collection

Our online catalogue contains citations and links to the latest and most important research articles, policy papers and reports in Aboriginal ECDC from Canada and around the world.



For more information, please search our online catalogue or contact us.

Recent Research

For assistance accessing resources not freely available online, please contact the Resource Centre.

Finding Aboriginal ECDC Resources

The type of search terms a researcher should use to find resources about Aboriginal early childhood care and education will vary depending on the institution. Some, like BCACCS, use current and culturally acceptable terms such as "Aboriginal", "Indigenous" and "First Nation". Other institutions that use Library of Congress subject headings will use terms like "Indians of North America" and "Native Peoples", which are widely considered inadequate and outdated. 

Here is an article addressing this issue: Update on subject headings for Aboriginal peoples in Canada

Here are some potential search terms for finding resources on Aboriginal ECDC:

  • Early childhood education
  • Education, Preschool
  • Child development
  • Child care services
  • Day care centers
  • Indigenous children
  • Inuit children
  • Native children
  • Special education
  • Language revival
  • Language acquisition
  • Health and hygiene
  • Education (usually sub-heading)
  • Government policy (usually sub-heading, eg. Child care -- Government policy -- British Columbia)
  • Research (usually sub-heading)
  • Testing (usually sub-heading, eg. Language acquisition -- Testing)
  • Services for (sub-heading, eg. Children -- Services for)